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Description Size Quantity
Short Range Probe
Long Range Probe
Sugarcane Probe
Tunnel (Bag) Probe
Pivot (Polly) Probe
Subsurface Probe
Turf (Golf) Probe
GPRS (D-Cell & SIM chip) Probe
GPRS (D-Cell & SIM card) Probe
GPRS (Solar & SIM chip) Probe
GPRS (Solar & SIM card) Probe
GPRS (Rain & D-Cell & SIM chip) Probe
GPRS (Rain & D-Cell & SIM card) Probe
GPRS (Rain & Solar & SIM chip) Probe
GPRS (Rain & Solar & SIM card) Probe
Description Quantity
Central Point Radio
DCell Repeater
Solar Repeater
GPRS Repeater
Probe Data Logger
USB to Serial Cable
Probe Cage
Replacement Probe Battery (PBAT)
Replacement Solar Battery (RT613)
Replacement Battery (HDcell)
Replacement Battery GPRS (MDCell)
Description Quantity
Piece Work Logger
Fruit Size Logger
Finger Print Scanner (portable)
Finger Print Scanner (wall-mount)
Wall-mount Clocking System
Guard Logger
Dallas coins
Description Quantity
Request site survey
Description Quantity
Radio Valve Unit 0-4 solenoids (RVU)
Irrigation Control Unit (ICU)
Radio Pump Start (RPSU)
Repeater Replacement
Central Point Radio Replacement (CPR)
Float Switch
Dam Level Control (DLC)
Valve Relay + BASE
Description Quantity
Irrigation Control Software (ICS1)
Probe Utilities (PU)
MB4000 (Farm Management)
Farmpro (Payroll)
MB4000 + Farmpro
Description Quantity
GPRS Mini Weather Station
Radio Mini Weather Station
Mini Weather Station Addon: Rain Gauge
Davis Weather Station (Vantage Pro 2)
Davis: Leaf Wetness Sensor
Davis: Solar Radiation Sensor
Description Quantity
Office computer
Office computer with Touch Screen
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Computer Peripherals (keyboard & mouse)
Weatherproof enclosure

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