Biometric Loggers

DFM supplies 2 different fingerprint scanners as well as a new facial recognition scanner that can be integrated with our personnel software.

These accurate scanners can only be used for time and attendance (i.e. excludes piecework and activities). We have a robust mobile fingerprint scanner that can be taken into the field while the other consoles are fixed models.

Biometric Scanner Features

  • Allows employees to clock in and out without tags
  • Easy to use and easy integration
  • Fast facial recognition
  • Admins can log in using NFC card
  • Data can be dumped via LAN (network), Wifi or USB

DFM Activity Logger

The DFM Activity Logger can be used to log Time & Attendance, Activities done on a block and Piecework totals. Each employee gets assigned to a unique Dallas Coin (Tag) that they then use to log their attendance, activities and piecework. The information is then downloaded from the logger to DFM Personnel for the user to work with. Attendance data is presented to the user in a graphical form. This enables the user to quickly review attendance data for a day. The graph will show the user the exact time a person clocked in, started an activity, and clocked out. The attendance data is broken down into the amount of normal hours worked, piecework hours worked, AWOL hours,etc.

Activity Logger Features

  • Easy to use menu system
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Reads Dallas coins (Tags)
  • Stores Clock, and piecework information
  • Users can specify on which block an activity is taking place

DFM Guard Log

Security guards carry a small handheld logger with them on patrol with which they clock at selected points on the patrol route. The logger stores the times that clocks are done.

The data from the logger is downloaded to easy-to-use software. The software shows simple maps of the patrol routes with the allocated clocking points. Up to 50 clocking points on 1 patrol route. Multiple patrol routes and guards can be loaded.

The logger can store up to 32 000 clocks, so data does not have to be downloaded every day.

Attendance can also be exported to the DFM Payroll software.

DFM Fruit size logger

Whether you're a fruit farmer, researcher, quality controller, fruit dealer - if you work with fruit, you'll know why it's so important to measure fruit size

Why use the fruit size logger

  • Obtain information for growth and size distribution curves per orchard or variety
  • Compare data from different orchards or years
  • Improve thinning policy
  • Determine percentage small fruit still on tree
  • Monitor soil moisture stress - fruit size is directly correlated with soil moisture

Here's how it works

  • EFM is a hand-held device that measures the full diameter of fruit on the tree
  • The readings are captured on the DataLogger and can then be transferred to PC for more intensive analysis
  • Only one person is needed to both measure and capture the data
  • Software as well as a calibrating disc are included in the package

These are the benefits the EFM offers you

  • Cuts down on paperwork - it measures, captures and downloads fruit size electronically
  • Saves time and labour - only one person is needed to measure, capture and analyse the data
  • The custom configuration allows you to set parameters like orchard names and number of fruit per tree to be measured
  • It's easy to use. The software supplied with the system runs on Windows 95/98/NT/Windows 7 and Vista and allows for easy downloading
  • Output data is in ASCII format - the captured data is saved in a comma delimited format. You can use the data with most of the available spreadsheets and/or database applications (MS Excel, Lotus 123, Quatro Pro, etc)
  • Can store up to 12 000 fruit sizes