ICS1 (Irrigation Control)

DFM provides a cost competitive solution for your irrigation automation needs, giving you more features for less.

We use our own proprietary reply-back radio systems which gives users immediate feedback on radio status, which in turn helps produce accurate logs of irrigation events. These logs can be used to assist with complying to good agricultural practice requirements (such as GLOBALG.A.P and the like).

Our systems (both hardware and software) are very user friendly and easy to use. Also, all of our automation equipment is locally produced with local support from DFM and its agents.

Our automation combined with ICS1 can cater for any required size of irrigation system. Setup multiple irrigation systems (and manage of up to 7 fertigation systems) with our easy to use graphical interface which makes it easy to see the current irrigation status on any of your pumps and valves. We provide a flexible configuration with the ability to setup up customized schedules and ad hoc irrigation events.

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ICS1 makes it easy to control your irrigation systems remotely. Here are some of the main features:

  • Allows you to control pumps, flush cycles and block valves
  • Versatile fertilizer control capabilities make it well suited for hydroponics systems
  • Scheduling is done by means of preset water programmes at specific starting times, temperature conditions or digital input conditions
  • The "Eto-ticker" model or soil moisture probe readings can determine water requirements for each block
  • This easy to use automation system keeps complete records of all fertilizer and water applications
  • It can link to various irrigation control equipment and is widely used in the industry