Probe Utilities FAQ

  • There could be a communication problem between the probe and the repeater (RPT).
  • If it is a GPRS probe, there could be communication issues with the cellphone tower.
  • The probe could have a damaged VPIC. This requires repairs.

  • Most of the time this is due to battery that is running low. Check battery levels and replace if required.
  • If the probe has sustained damage, a damaged VPIC can also cause a probe to "reset" often.

  • Make sure that the logger is switched on
  • Check that the com-ports are configured correctly
  • Check the logger cable:
    Check the plug that goes into the logger.
    There should be 6 pins.
    Make sure they are all there and still straight.
    These pins can break off due to wear and tear or rough handling

This is probably due to regional settings. Ensure that the regional settings of your computer is set up according to the requirements.

Give DFM a call to assist you with upgrading your software.

  • Double click on the probe number / block name, click on the Battery Icon. Ensure that the battery has straight lines on the graph with no spikes or fluctuations.
  • Also on Probe Utilities, click the Battery Icon from the main Toolbar. The voltage displayed there is the voltage of the probe from the last reading received.

A quick and easy way to backup any of the DFM Software Packages to an external HDD or external location whether the software is DFM Probe Utilities, ICS1, Farm Pro, MB4000, etc. is to do the following.

DFM would recommend you take the entire Folder and zip it as we have had cases where backups take some time and then clients would close the software causing incomplete backups, when restoring the data is corrupted as the backup has not completed.

When any DFM Employee does the installation for you, the software is installed on the C: Drive under a folder call DFM Software or DFM Technologies. If your software is installed under Program files, please call DFM and have DFM Guide you on backing up your data as Windows will generally push all data in the Virtual store as a security measure.

  1. Step 1: Locate the software folder, Right Click on your desktop shortcut of the Application; in this example we are going to use DFM Probe Utilities and Select Properties. The below screen will be displayed.

    The Start in address is where the software is being started from, the Target address is the one we interested in as this one holds the main Database especially when working from a server. The Target address is "C:\DFM Software\DFM Probe UtilitiesGPRS\DFM Probe Utilities.exe"

  2. We now confirmed all software is installed under the C:Drive under DFM Software. To backup all of them, See below two options
    1. We could Copy the entire DFM Software Folder onto a network location or external device , Right click the folder and select Copy, Paste onto the backup device.
    2. We can first Zip the folder so that you can save space on your backup device. To do this, right click on the folder, select Send to Compressed Zip folder.

      Once completed, Copy the zip file onto the backup device.

We provide free telephonic support on all our products. We employ consultants specific to each of the products we provide that will be able to assist with any problem. If a physical problem is reported, a consultant will set up an appointment to visit the site at the earliest time possible.

In case you haven't found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.